Expert bespoke clothier Stephen Kempson has outfitted leaders in business, entertainment and media and continues to draw a diverse clientele due to his ability to keenly understand the individual tastes and needs of his clients while simplifying the bespoke process. 


Kempson is recognized among the country’s finest personal tailors.  He has been featured in The Financial Times, The Robb Report, Departures magazine and other leading publications.

After several years’ experience working with leading industry brands,  Kempson founded bespoke clothier brand, Stephen Kempson London on the basic principle that a client’s personality should always be reflected in their wardrobe.  Kempson’s fundamental belief is a man’s personal style is their signature brand and Stephen Kempson London serves to refine and reflect that style.


Born and raised just East of London, Kempson started in local shops where he learned to recognize the value of precise fit and how seemingly tiny details can change the way a garment rests on a man’s shoulders.  He later immersed himself in the cloth side of the business and studied how fabrics work with specific designs and can dictate the success of a particular fit.  Finally he came to build the business where the relationship with his clients is a partnership, offering suggestions and introducing new styles and fabrics, guiding his clients as they design the wardrobe together.